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FDR's New Deal Programs

Posted Apr 30, 2010 by Pat Miller

Franklin Roosevelt introduced The New Deal to boost the economy that was shattered by the Wall Street Crash. Students will research the acts and agencies that were to help restore prosperity through expansive government intervention in the economy. Music integration will be in the following components: classical music for the video, poster of the biography of the composer and why he wrote the piece; and analysis of why students choose the classical piece for their video.

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An African Safari into Creativity

Posted Dec 21, 2010 by Janet Rowland

In this lesson students will assign an orchestral instrument to an African animal, using characteristics which they have in common. The students will write a cinquain poem and create a poster (collage) with their African animal as the theme.

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Emotions in Music

Posted Dec 21, 2010 by Kate Sequeia

Music can portray and evoke emotions. What musical elements do you hear that make you feel a certain way? How does the composer use these elements to portray emotion? Students will listen to a musical selection and brainstorm the feelings it evokes, and then move into a writing activity about that emotion.

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Posted Jun 07, 2011 by Donna Boyes

Students will determine moods created by a piece of music and will analyze how the composer created the feelings. Students will determine the character traits/moods of story characters by analyzing the adjectives, adverbs, and verbs used by the author. Finally, students will determine which piece of music best represents the characters from a story.

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4 Lesson Plans Found