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Nuclear Decay Series and Chain Reactions

Posted Dec 21, 2010 by Jana Jean

After learning about the discovery of nuclear radiation and the development of nuclear weapons, students will create a claymation video to illustrate nuclear decay, fusion, fission and nuclear chain reactions. Student write scripts and story boards, create backdrops, clay characters, and add music, voice over and text to demonstrate their understanding of the subject.

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Peter and the Wolf with Puppetry

Posted Mar 09, 2011 by Kathy Davis

This is a simplified version of Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf taught in a developmental delay program for special needs students and English language learners, ages 3 to 6 years. It is easily adapted to meet the needs of older children with the same educational needs. The purpose of the lesson is to provide the students with a variety of experiences performing and telling the story of the fable that Sergei Prokofiev has set to music, and to introduce the students to various instruments of the orchestra.

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Selecting a Musical Score for Reader's Theater

Posted Mar 28, 2011 by Holly Locey

Students will practice and perform a Reader's Theater entitled Salt, a Russian folktale. They will hear a story about the Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky, and listen to four of his compositions: Swan Lake, Serenade for Strings, Marche Slave, and 1812 Overture. Finally, in groups of five to eight students, they will choose a musical score from these pieces to accompany their section of the Reader's Theater.

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3 Lesson Plans Found