War of 1812

Posted Aug 16, 2009 by Cassandra Schlievert

Students deepen their understanding of the political and emotional events of the War of 1812 through the music of Tchaikovsky.  Students will learn how different instruments are used for expressing a mood and illustrating events in history.  Students will write a response to the music that informs about their own understanding of both the instrumentation and the important events of history.

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Star Spangled Music as a Patriotic Symbol

Posted Aug 16, 2009 by Christina Gammel

Through the use of music, students will make connections with the historical events in Colonial America and Europe during the early 19th century.  Using the music of Sousa and Tchaikovsky, students will understand how music can become a patriotic symbol and help depict historical events.

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Sounds of Music

Posted Aug 16, 2009 by Rebecca Cardon

Can we hear the sounds of music?  Students will predict how well they think they can detect the dynamics of music by well known composers.  Through scientific inquiry, students will create an entry for the science fair which compares predictions with data collected by a Quacker Tracker while their musical selection is played.

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Understanding Fractions Through Music

Posted Aug 16, 2009 by Bonnie Redfern

Students understand the relationships between whole, halves, and quarters, and internalize the relationships between the parts through interaction with musical notation and rhythm.  Additionally, students will apply abstract thinking skills to process, read and create musical notations and compositions using their knowledge of fractions.

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